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Ozzie Carlson – The Making of a Teacher Growing up I had a marvelous teacher, Jerry Bartlett ,who taught me, using Percy Boomer’s On Learning Golf and Ben Hogan’s Power Golf and Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

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An Effective Lesson

If we all can agree that the purpose of taking golf lessons is: TO GET BETTER, then we must understand ALL of what a lesson must encompass to accomplish that objective. You come to this

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It took me 18 years of practice to figure this out, you definitely know the secret of golf game!
Watanabe H.
In 10 years, I have seen thousands of videos. Golfstruck is by far the best… AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!
Victoria L
Ozzie and his videos from Golfstruck are outstanding. The guy is a teacher who knows his stuff and how to get it across to his students. Very well done!!!
Robert A
This site is very good, it took almost 10 strokes off my game! Wow! I recommend this to everyone.
Mike L
Incredible lessons, simple yet so powerful and easy to follow. Keep it up Golfstruck!
Tsietsi M

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Golfstruck – Frequently Asked Questions

There needs to be a place where players can go to find answers for game improvement that are both easy to understand, and easy to implement. We teach both.
We believe that better golf is more fun. So when people play better they will play more. Only then can we grow the game. Our objective at Golfstruck is to provide a complete self-directed, on-line learning curriculum for all facets of the game – focused solely on producing better ball flights.

At Golfstruck we boil down all the rhetoric to the simplicity of DOWN and THROUGH.
We don’t want you thinking when over the ball, so we teach you not only what to do, but how to practice so you can take your game to the course.

You will find answers here that are both thorough and unique, and like our tagline says, we will teach you how to play “Better Golf – Right Now!”
In Golfstruck we founded a name and brand that gets right to heart of the game: When we strike the golf ball better, we become Golfstruck!
As a member at Pine Tree Golf Club in Boynton Beach, FL, Sam played nearly every day. I was a young Assistant Professional at the club who Sam took a personal interest in. I guess he found in me someone not only eager to learn, but to learn well enough to teach others. So I feel an obligation to the game to share with others the great stuff I learned from Sam.
Your game won’t improve by the “what to do” sites. We take a personal interest in improving your game by taking you through all 5 steps of the learning process: Understand what you must do differently & why, convert this new understanding to feel of motion, repeat feel with drills to build muscle memory, build new feel of motion into your performance routine, and observe to confirm or fix your motion so you learn from every shot.
A “game value” training aide helps you to both learn faster AND apply a new feel of motion to producing shots “on-command” on the course. As we create and/or discover the really good ones, we intend to promote them on this site.
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